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You have built a product or service. But your target market buys a brand. A brand is more than a product, a set of technical specifications, or a logo. It’s a promise. And building it is a methodical process that is more of a science than an art.

Many blockchain businesses underestimate the importance of building their brand — at their peril. With all the focus on protocols, oracles and merkles, they lose sight of the real-world relevance of their technology.

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Enduring Brands

are Anchored

in Human Needs

Though blockchain may be new, human needs are constant. Enduring brands reach beyond technology to connect with the conscious and unconscious psychological needs of consumers through a clear and specific positioning.

Where blockchain meets branding

We help established Web3 firms to discover, assess and define the sweet spot for their brand positioning, using a proven, proprietary and scientifically based brand positioning methodology, combined with our intricate knowledge of the space. This empowers you to plan and target your communications activities with clarity and confidence, increase the efficiency of your marketing spend, and generate measurable and sustainable results.

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Areas of Expertise

Our knowledge and experience spans every major area of the Web3 space.


The technology underpinning cryptocurrencies and Web3. Blockchain is a ledger of information maintained by a distributed network of node operators. Transactions are organized into blocks, each of which holds a cryptographic reference to its predecessor, creating a chain. Depending on the use case, a blockchain network can be deployed as either a public and transparent, or private instance. But you probably knew that already ...


A peer-to-peer form of electronic money like Bitcoin, where transactions are typically maintained on a blockchain. The term cryptocurrency is correctly used to describe the native digital coins such as BTC or ETH which are paid out as rewards to blockchain node operators. It’s also often used to describe tokens issued using smart contracts on a blockchain platform such as Ethereum. But you probably knew that already ...


So let's educate together. Decentralized finance, or DeFi, is a high-stakes ecosystem of financial applications built using smart contracts on a blockchain. DeFi protocols enable peer-to-peer lending and borrowing, token swaps, and stablecoin issuance, without centralized intermediaries. But you probably knew that already ...


Non-fungible-tokens, or NFTs, represent digital items such as images, songs, videos, or in-game items. By putting them on the blockchain as NFTs, these items can be made scarce or even unique. But you probably knew that already ...


An immersive digital parallel universe where we’re all represented by our personalized online avatars and can engage in social interactions, e-commerce, games, and more. But you probably knew that already ...


After arcades, consoles, and mobile screens, blockchain is the next frontier for gamers. Web3 games incorporate elements such as in-game assets as NFTs that can be transferred and sold outside of the game, and play-to-earn models that generate revenue for players. But you probably knew that already ...


The digital representation of an asset as a token on a blockchain. Tokenisation can refer to fungible assets such as gold or other commodities, or to non-fungible assets like art or real estate. But you probably knew that already ...


The provision of secure digital asset storage services, typically to institutions and high-net-worth individuals storing large sums. Custodians use the most secure infrastructure and cryptographic techniques to keep funds safe. But you probably knew that already ...


Trading is speculating on the price of an asset by buying or selling according to market conditions. OMS, or order management system, is a software platform that enables a trader to place and execute buy and sell orders. But you probably knew that already ...


What We Deliver

You've managed to build an established name in the Web3 space. Kudos! Now let’s build a leading brand.


We help you (re)define, (re)focus and strengthen your brand positioning and strategy.
We develop a brand strategy that will differentiate you in the market and clearly guide all future communication efforts towards building brand value. The result is a brand that is engineered from the ground up to resonate with the conscious and unconscious needs of your target market, significantly boosting the efficiency of your marketing spend.



You have only one chance to make a first impression. Make it count.
We define a credible, consistent and compelling brand promise and story tailored to your target audience(s). This will become the first thing people think of when they hear your name or see your logo.


EDITORIAL strategy

Learn how to use your data, knowledge and expertise to achieve greater media exposure.
Established Web3 firms often have a wealth of knowledge about the space, but don’t know how to leverage it to build their brand. With the help of our skilled and experienced editorial team, we’ll help you conceive and author op-eds and articles tailored to the industry’s most-read websites and publications.  



Some concrete answers you will get after our 8-week program:

  • How is your brand perceived within your target segment or community?
  • Perception mapping: What are you, and what are you not?
  • What essential needs do you address with your value proposition?
  • Are there any inconsistencies in your current messaging or positioning?
  • How do you stand against your key competitors?
  • Is your brand perception consistent across stakeholder groups?
  • How does your own team and close circle understand and live your brand?

What is in it for you?

Your brand is the only asset attributable to your marketing spend. By understanding how your product, message and brand interact, you can achieve so much more


Stand strong & stand out
Discover the most promising, credible, differentiating, consistent, memorable, and relevant brand positioning for your offering. Get your own brand foundation, and move forward with certainty and confidence.



Bring it to life
“Planning without action is futile, action without planning is fatal.” Experienced guidance and hands-on support turn a solid strategy and plan into action that drives results.  



Squeeze more ROI out of every cent you spend
Tailor your marketing to the people who matter, with a compelling brand promise which is anchored in their needs. Through a distinctive brand with a clear positioning, you will significantly improve the targeting, efficiency, and ROI of your marketing spend. 


MORE Unity

Have everyone sing the same tune
Your entire team will have a clarity of purpose. This is not just a powerful motivational tool — it also transforms your employees into evangelists for your mission while serving as a magnet for attracting top industry talent.


MORE sustainable

Build the foundations for enduring strength
Establish a brand that stands the test of time. Look beyond your next airdrop, your next release, your next round — and dig the foundations for a more long-term, strategic and sustainable approach to branding, marketing and communications.

How We Work

Through a holistic analysis of your business, brand and client base, coupled with a deep understanding of the Web3 sector, we will uncover the best ways to further specific business goals such as boosting revenue, increasing customer loyalty, and expanding your client base.


In depth research & analysis
We seek to understand your brand’s perception among various stakeholders. Through quantitative research into your target market(s), we lay a solid foundation for your revised brand. Then, we analyze your current communication, messaging, touchpoints and experiences.



Applying the brand map methodology
We distill the essence of your brand by applying our proprietary methodology. Our “brand map” combines proven psychological models on human decision-making. Based on our research findings, we identify strengths, inconsistencies and weaknesses in the current brand, and identify the most distinct and promising positioning.



Crafting a relevant brand strategy
We create a strong and relevant brand strategy and message that will shape everything you say and do. It will embody who you are and what you stand for. It encompasses your business fundamentals, positioning, attributes, values and core messages in a clear, concise and consistent manner that resonates with your target audience. At the end, we’ll even provide you with a Tweet-length summary of your core value proposition.


the delivery

Bringing it to life
We help you develop a fast and efficient execution strategy to transition to your revised brand and work alongside your marketing team and all relevant stakeholders, agencies or partners to deliver your new message to the market.


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