Your brand is the only asset you can derive from your marketing spend
More reputation, more revenue, more success
You’ve built a product, but people buy a brand

The 1-minute sprint


THE RELEVANCE HOUSE is a Swiss-based branding & marketing agency specialized in blockchain & Web3. We offer a unique combination of Web3 and strategic marketing expertise, to ensure that your message doesn’t get lost in this noisy market. You deliver a product; but your target buys into a brand. And most blockchain businesses underestimate the importance of consciously, strategically and intentionally building their brand. That’s why you need us as your partner. We have developed a scientific methodology that we have honed for over 5 years working with over 50 projects. This is our home. This is what we love to do.



A great product is not enough: the world needs to understand your relevance – not just the what, but the so what? Even if you’ve managed to establish a household name, are you sure that your message is clear, crisp and consistent? Do you really stand for something, and do you stand out? You can’t afford to keep doing the same old marketing without knowing that it’s telling the right story. Your brand is a real asset, so make sure that your marketing spend is adding to that value – not just to your costs.



We will multiply the impact of every marketing dollar you spend. While you were focusing on building your product, your brand emerged more or less by accident. We take the accidental brand, make it intentional, and make it relevant. We start with analyzing who you are, and who you are talking to, from the ground up. Armed with this understanding, we can create and help execute high-quality brand and storytelling strategies that will drive consistently higher ROI – and drive your mission forward.



We use a proven, fast process based on our proprietary brand mapping methodology to develop a strategy to build a unique and relevant brand. It comprises four distinct phases: the Discovery, the Distillery, the Studio and the Delivery. Through intensive research, analysis and applying our scientifically based methodology, we deliver concrete answers to key questions (How are you really perceived by your audience? What essential needs do you address? How do you measure up against your competitors?) and devise a plan to translate this insight into meaningful, targeted marketing activities. Less sizzle; more substance. That’s how we add lasting value to your brand.


Has that got you interested? Discover more in our 5-minute summary.


In order for firms in the blockchain and emerging technology sector to be successful, they need to build a relevant brand and story. We're here to help you develop a relevant brand and story in the Web3 space. Reach out to get started.
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