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For over a decade, THE RELEVANCE HOUSE has worked at the interface of blockchain and branding. We focus on helping Web3 companies to transcend the hype and break through the noise, using a proven, proprietary and scientifically based brand strategy methodology.

Building brands in blockchain

Because only relevance has impact.

Our team members have been involved in digital technologies since the 90s and in the blockchain space since 2013. Since founding THE RELEVANCE HOUSE, we have worked with more than 50 clients spanning every major area of Web3, from layer-1 protocols, trading, and custody, to metaverse projects and NFT platforms. We bring together diverse backgrounds and strengths, not to mention true passion for decentralized technology.

THE RELEVANCE HOUSE supports clients at every step with our unique combination of tech industry and marketing expertise. We put our powerful methodology and profound sector knowledge to work in defining meaningful, relevant brands and devising powerful strategies to embed those brands in the marketplace.

Our structured approach empowers you to plan and target your communications with clarity and confidence, to increase the efficiency of your marketing spend, and generate measurable, sustainable results for your business.

Blockchain won’t change the world. What we do with it will.

We build brands – not buzz.

You may have already become a household name, but what does that name stand for? In the fast-moving blockchain industry, you probably never had time to tell your story properly. You’ve been pushing out updates and milestone reports, but your messages have become complex, inconsistent and unclear.

While you were focusing on building your product, your brand has emerged more or less by accident. And that makes you vulnerable. Even if you were at the crest of one wave of hype, the next could pull you under. The sector is crowded and noisy; so don’t just add to the noise. We can dig the brand foundations for you to stand out and stand strong with a clearly defined message.


We take your accidental brand, make it intentional, and make it relevant. That gives you solidity and staying power. You can’t afford to keep doing the same old marketing without knowing that it’s grounded in a meaningful strategy.

Your brand is a real asset, so make sure that your marketing spend is adding to that value – not just to your costs.


Clearly defined brand positioning gives you something to build on no matter what changes come to the market. It gives you a roadmap to navigate every stage of your growth. It gives you clarity of purpose to unite your team as well as convince your customers or targets.

We find the sweet spot where your strengths meet your target’s needs. Create a detailed plan based on a solid strategic framework. Establish your authority with insightful thought leadership in the industry’s most-read websites and publications. Squeeze more ROI from every cent you spend by tailoring your marketing to the people who matter. Attract top talent and turn your team into your evangelists. And most importantly, ensure that every move you make contributes to your long-term success.

Your brand is the only asset you can derive from your marketing spend.

We give you

Your brand is more than a product, a set of technical specifications, or a logo. It’s a promise – and building it is a scientific process. At least, it is the way we do it.


Relevance is the only thing that sells. What is relevant varies, depending on the audience you are trying to reach. But what never changes is how relevance works.

Relevance demands three things: visibility, value and credibility.

Creating a strategy that defines your relevance will give you the clarity to focus your marketing resources on the messages and target groups that really matter and generate a measurable and sustainable impact. And on top of that, we can hold a mirror to your brand, allowing you to see how you are really perceived in the marketplace.

We define the most credible, consistent and memorable brand positioning, to guide all your marketing activities. We provide expert guidance and hands-on support to bring it to life with a results-driven action plan. We ensure that your whole team is singing from the same hymn sheet – with a clear goal to attract the best talent in the industry. In short, we give you the tools to look beyond the next airdrop, the next release, the next round, and build a sustainable long-term brand with focused, targeted, meaningful marketing messages and activities.

We combine visibility, value and credibility to create maximum impact.

Our secret sauce.

Building a brand around a challenging new technology in a crowded, complex space is tricky. And the pace at which things move in Web3 is staggering – but we’re right in the thick of that movement. This is where we live. We absorb every new industry turn, and everything we learn feeds into the method we use to drive your success.


It’s not guesswork and it’s not improvisation. Like the best chefs in the world, we work with recipes we have perfected over decades of work.

Our method has come out of many years building companies, creating global brands and running successful omnichannel campaigns. Everything we have learned goes into our secret recipe book: it works because it comes from years of testing and tweaking.

THE RELEVANCE HOUSE works as an integral part of your company’s team using a highly structured process.

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