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"Geeq and The Relevance House have been working together for years and it has been a profound  personal pleasure for me.  The depth of knowledge in blockchain at THE RELEVANCE HOUSE is remarkable, so much so that it feels as though I am working with an exclusive, boutique group within their firm. THE RELEVANCE HOUSE team has had the ability to dive into extremely difficult technical material and distill its essence into powerful phrases and inspirational content. That they are able to organize campaigns efficiently, especially against the backdrop of the highs and lows of the market, is nothing short of remarkable.
Words cannot express how lucky I feel to have had the experience and guidance of THE RELEVANCE HOUSE founders, Anna and German, who have seen and nurtured many a start-up, including ours.  Their team is professional, gracious, and, most importantly, shares the deep passion we have to unlock the true value of Web3 technologies. It is a privilege to work with the team."

Stephanie So, Founder and CEO Geeq Corporation

Geeq is a multi-blockchain platform that is safe, inexpensive and flexible enough for any use.

Built on an entirely new protocol, Geeq radically reduces the cost of securely transacting value at scale. A highly customizable decentralized networking solution with the speed, scalability, security and cost effectiveness to work for everyone.

Geeq’s decentralized platform is able to support any blockchain-powered application, giving you all the space you could ever want. Unlike legacy blockchain technology, there is no “main chain” bottleneck and no shared overhead. Every application is backed by its own blockchain, which frees enterprises, independent developers, and organizations alike to focus on what they would like from their own applications. Discover how to reduce transaction costs, automate record keeping, and streamline your business processes with Geeq.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg…

Geeq is designed to be an ecosystem of bespoke decentralized networks that fulfill specific use cases. If you need to securely store data, exchange value or monitor devices, Geeq could be for you. Tell us what you need to do and we’ll help you create a tailor-made decentralized networking solution especially for your needs.

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