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“THE RELEVANCE HOUSE extended on our brand vision in ways we would not have conceived. They quickly gained an in-depth understanding of our project and were soon able to write and illustrate very high-quality content. It was always a pleasure to review their content, which required very little revision. THE RELEVANCE HOUSE was very responsive and always met the goals we agreed on.”

Alain Brenzikofer, Co-Founder, Encointer

What is Encointer all about?

Encointer enables communities everywhere to generate their own, autonomous currency and use it to stimulate the local economy.

Why it matters

Economically deprived areas often struggle to generate growth. People have skills and products to sell, but lack the purchasing power to buy from others.

Encointer’s free, easy-to-use technology enables any community to generate their own currency and distribute it regularly and equally among all active participants to boost local economic activity.

How it helps

  1. Local currency for local needs
  2. Keeps value flowing
  3. Unique digital identity
  4. Inclusive

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