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Confidential Computing Solution
Brand Development/Strategic Support/CD/Website
Global Communication/Parachain Auction/Content Management
“THE RELEVANCE HOUSE team enabled us to start from scratch with an experienced strategy, marketing, communications and social media team. They integrated well and were always seen as an integral part of our team. Everyone worked hard and supported us to go the extra mile, even in difficult situations. We can recommend anyone to work with German, Anna and the team, who are not only results oriented, but also fun.”

Waldemar Scherer, Co-Founder & CEO, Integritee

Unchain the value of sensitive data. At scale.

Integritee is the most scalable public blockchain solution for securely processing sensitive business or personal data. Harness the speed and confidentiality of trusted execution environments, combined with the trust of a decentralized network, with Integritee.

Integritee powers a new generation of data-driven services

A genuine alternative to centralized data services that delivers verifiable privacy at scale. They provide a highly secure and scalable system with which firms and developers can build broader, fairer, and more secure data-driven products and services that unchain the value of sensitive data without compromising on privacy.

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