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THE RELEVANCE HOUSE is a Swiss-based branding & marketing agency specialized in blockchain & Web3. We offer a unique combination of Web3 and strategic marketing expertise, to ensure that your venture into this hyped, but little understood, space doesn't get lost in the noise. We have been working at the interface of branding and blockchain for over half a decade, partnering with over 50 clients. Our knowledge and experience spans every major area of this space, from layer-1 protocols, trading, and custody, to metaverse projects and NFT platforms. We bring the relevant industry understanding while meeting your own level of marketing expertise.



Big brands from Prada to Starbucks are rushing in to make their Web3 play. But for every success story, there are many cautionary tales. If you want to build lasting value, not just buzz, you need a partner to help you see beyond the hype. Without a plan, your sizzle could fizzle. Instead of just throwing dollars at the metaverse to see what sticks, we can help you map out a strategy for real business impact.
Whether you are looking to leverage crypto payments, boost trust in your products through blockchain transparency, or reach a new generation of customers through NFT or metaverse initiatives, you need a partner who thinks as much as you do about branding, and knows everything there is to know about Web3 technologies.



We put our decades of experience in Web3, branding, marketing, communications, growth hacking, social media and journalism to work to make sure your Web3 investment pays off. From workshops to explore relevant opportunities, to clear, concise strategic advice, we can help you define what to do and how to do it. We can also provide high-quality editorial services and creative campaigns that resonate with Web3 natives – always backed by solid data and industry knowledge.



We use a highly structured 4-step process to define your Web3 strategy and guide and support its execution. It starts with in-depth research and workshops to locate your business goals in the Web3 context. We will then work hand in hand with you to develop promising initiatives and plan delivery to the target market. We can help to research and identify execution partners and accompany you throughout development, ensuring that you have the stories, collateral and campaigns to cover all angles. We provide the knowledge, the insight, and the guidance to generate real, lasting brand value from your Web3 initiative.


Has that got you interested? Discover more in our 5-minute summary.


In order for firms in the blockchain and emerging technology sector to be successful, they need to build a relevant brand and story. We're here to help you develop a relevant brand and story in the Web3 space. Reach out to get started.
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