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THE RELEVANCE HOUSE is your strategic partner at the interface of blockchain and branding. With our unique combination of Web3 and strategic marketing expertise, we’ll ensure that your venture into this hyped, but little understood, space doesn't get lost in the noise.

Building brands in blockchain

Because only relevance has impact.

Our team members have been involved in digital technologies since the 90s and in the blockchain space since 2013. We bring together diverse backgrounds and strengths, not to mention true passion for decentralized technology.

Since founding THE RELEVANCE HOUSE, we have worked with more than 50 clients spanning every major area of Web3, from layer-1 protocols, trading, and custody, to metaverse projects and NFT platforms. You can rely on us to bring the relevant industry understanding while meeting your own level of marketing expertise.  THE RELEVANCE HOUSE will help you to discover how Web3 can enrich your brand experience and further your business objectives.

Through a holistic analysis of your business, brand and client base, coupled with a deep understanding of the Web3 sector, we will uncover the best ways to further specific business goals such as boosting revenue, increasing customer loyalty, and expanding your client base.

Blockchain won’t change the world. What we do with it will.

It’s not about buzz. It’s about your brand.

Big names from Prada to Porsche are rushing in to make their Web3 play – and as we’ve seen, while some become success stories, others are cautionary tales. We’ll help you see beyond the hype and map out a strategy for real business impact.


The real value for your brand and business lies beyond the hype. It is rooted at the interface of customer needs and brand experience. When it comes to your brand, you’re the expert. When it comes to branding, with us, you have a partner on an equal footing. All suggestions for potential Web3 initiatives will be carefully selected to ensure that they complement and enrich your brand experience.


Perhaps you are seeking to accept crypto payments, boost trust in your products through blockchain transparency, or reach a new generation of customers through NFT or metaverse initiatives. Whatever your Web3 initiative entails, we’ll help you use it to work towards tangible business goals such as boosting revenue, driving client retention, or expanding your customer base.  


In a complex, ever-changing and increasingly competitive space, it can be hard to separate the innovative opportunities from the reputational pitfalls. Benefit from the experience of a group of branding and marketing professionals who have been in Web3 from the start.

Forget the hype. How do we create value?

We make your investment count

We put our decades of experience in Web3, branding, marketing, communications, growth hacking, social media and journalism to work to make sure your Web3 investment pays off.


Crypto payments. You’ve decided to accept cryptocurrencies; maybe you even set up a wallet, but nobody is using it. How can you get the message out to cryptocurrency users to grow revenue?

Trust & validation. You want to use blockchain to provide transparency and reassure customers about the origin of your products. But how do you communicate the benefits to your target audiences?

NFTs. You are launching NFT content or a digital collectible. But how can you further tangible business goals, while ensuring a consistent brand experience? And is there more to NFTs than weird pictures of apes? (Spoiler alert: oh yes, there definitely is.)

Metaverse. You’ve heard about compelling success stories, but what would people actually do in your virtual space and how would this enhance your current brand experience? Can it make you money? Can it save you money?


Workshops & exploration. What use cases would be applicable to your business and brand? What is the competition doing in the space and what best practices and success stories can we learn from?

Consultancy. We won’t just tell you what’s possible. We provide clear and concise advice on which types of Web3 initiatives are best suited to your brand and business goals. Then we help you identify strategies, platforms and/or partners to make it a reality.

Web3 communications strategy. We’ll build a strategy that clearly defines the stories that resonate in the Web3 space, how they apply to your target audiences, and the channels used to communicate them.

Editorial services. From op-eds and thought leadership to events and pitches, we work with you to develop credible and compelling messages about your initiative. Our experienced editorial team will help you identify the story angles most likely to garner coverage in Web3 and wider media.

Creative campaigns. We conceptualize, design and execute targeted and data-driven launch campaigns (social media, trade press, events).

Let’s match vision to value.

Our secret sauce.

We use a highly structured 4-step process to define your Web3 strategy and guide and support its execution.

The Discovery

Research, workshops, and consultancy. Through desk research and guided workshops, we analyze what makes your brand and business tick and the potential opportunities and pitfalls presented by Web3. We look into different markets and industries, extracting insights, best practices and relevant learnings.

The discovery
the distillery

Creating, planning, and strategizing. We work hand in hand with you and your team or agency to create original, relevant and promising Web3 initiatives. If you have a clear idea already, we help define how it will support your business goals, discuss potential implementation options, and detail how it will be delivered to your target audiences.

The distillery
the studio

Bringing the initiative and message to life. We help you research possible partners and accompany the development of your Web3 strategy. We then help you create and identify the stories, collateral, touchpoints and campaigns necessary to announce your Web3 initiative to the world, ensuring that you have all angles covered.

THe studio
The delivery

Ongoing Web3 marketing & communications support. You have a reputable brand and well-tuned marketing and communications operation. But it may take a while to feel at home in Web3. We provide ongoing strategic support to make sure your initiative remains vibrant and relevant.

The delivery

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