If you want to be great, build a product …
Be the signal in the noise.
if you want to be successful, build a brand.

The 1-minute sprint


THE RELEVANCE HOUSE is a Swiss-based branding & marketing agency specialized in blockchain & Web3. When working with start- and scale-ups, we function as an outsourced marketing department, becoming an integral part of your team. We focus on helping you build and communicate a relevant brand and story – because only relevance has impact.



A great idea and product alone aren’t enough: the world needs to understand their relevance. And start- or scale-ups do not usually have the marketing experience needed to convey what sets them apart, especially when the technology is so complex. Without a strong brand, marketing and communication strategy, as well as brilliant execution, no project or company can succeed. You need someone to craft and tell your story, so that you can keep building.



In essence: we help you stand out from the crowd with a focused, memorable brand, and we make sure your story gets heard with targeted storytelling. Then we run the numbers (over and over) to make sure it’s working.
In detail: we design clear brand and storytelling strategies, and use them to drive the delivery of a full suite of editorial content and campaigns, as well as tailored material for events, media or pitches. We implement growth hacking techniques with iterative user testing to identify what activities are working, how your website, product or solution is being used and how to boost conversion. We handle all the details to make sure your message shines through.  



We work as an integral part of your company’s team, guided by a highly structured process. We use a proprietary methodology, grounded in science, to draw out the essence of your appeal and create a strong and relevant brand proposition. We use this to plan and execute highly targeted communications that generate measurable, sustainable impact. Less sizzle; more substance. That’s how we build brands to last.


Has that got you interested? Discover more in our 5-minute summary.


In order for firms in the blockchain and emerging technology sector to be successful, they need to build a relevant brand and story. We're here to help you develop a relevant brand and story in the Web3 space. Reach out to get started.
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